Time Management System Pro V 8.0

Product Name : Time Attendance Software  
Specification : Time Attendance Software Professional Version 8.0 integrated with our Payroll Software
Introduction :
Time Attendance System is the software which captures employees TIME IN & TIME OUT from the computerized time clock and it calculates the useful information like Lateness, Overtime, allowances, etc... This information can be uploaded into the Payroll software to calculate the salary information.

This version has advanced features like Concurrent Multi User Access, Multi Company, unlimited employees and working pattern, Leave Module, Management Analysis Reports, Customized Report Writer, Audit Trial, auto link to our Payroll System.

The Greatest advantages of our software is Single database solution. i.e. our Time Attendance, Payroll, Leave and HR software's shares the same SQL SERVER database. So any new input or modifications in one software module will automatically updates with other modules.
Features :
1 Normal OT1.0, OT1.5 and OT 2.0 rate
2 Flat rate OT
3 Early OT calculation: Overtime prior to the Scheduled shift time
4 OFF Set OT: Overtime adjusted against the lateness
5 Rounding OT hours feature
6 Minimum & maximum OT hours ceiling feature
7 Different OT rate after mid night work feature
8 Dinner Break deductions
9 Pre-approve OT hours feature


1 Supports attendance, transport, meal, shift, health and other kind of allowances
2 Allows penalty and partial allowances deduction by many different criteria
3 Supports daily and monthly allowances computation
4 Supports weekday, weekend and public holiday computation
5 Easy parameter settings
6 Allows easy updating or edit feature

Working Hours (Shift Team)

1 Supports unlimited different working patterns
2 Supports unlimited rotation duty roster
3 Auto-shift feature (System auto-assign working hours group based on IN time)
4 Flexible working hours feature
5 Scheduling working hours group feature (No fixed working pattern)
6 Individual employee assignment of working hours group
7 User friendly parameter settings

Leave Module:

1 Annual Leave, Medical Leave, Unpaid Leave, Maternity Leave, etc can be applied.
2 Leave Eligibility can be set for different group of employees.
3 Annual leave & Medical Leave earned until today will be pro rated automatically.
4 At end of the year Annual Leaves can be carry forwarded to next year.
5 Leave History & Leave consolidate report to view all kind of leaves taken.


Daily attendance report Staff details (IN, OUT, late, overtime, leave taken, REST days, allowance, etc..) on daily basis.
Individual attendance report whole month details (IN, OUT, late, overtime, leave taken, REST days, allowance, etc..) for an individual employee in one A4 paper.
Consolidated reports Consolidates the Late comers, Early Leavers, Absents & missed out punching
Lateness summary report Only shows the late comers on that selected date
Performance Report Monthly & Yearly wise employee late hour, no of times late, Absent, Unpaid leave taken, Medical leave taken.
Working hours summary report Month end summary of Lateness, OT hours, allowances, deductions and leaves type
Attendance Ratio Report Number of employee present on every day and attendance ratio for it.
Reason Report Reports based on the particular reasons
Exception report Reports for exceptional cases.
Movement report Movement of an employee
Leave taken summary No. of days & details of leave taken for every staffs. It shows the Earn, UN Earn. Taken, Balance of Annual & Medical Leaves
Leave Consolidate Consolidate total number of leave taken for every employee
Hourly Rate Summary Report Payroll calculation report for hourly rated employees.


1 Password settings: Different user different access control
2 Built in interface program to major Payroll systems
3 Allows easy housekeeping maintenance: Deleting older records, backup and restore feature
4 Audit Trial:Master user can view the changes done by other users
5 Custom Report Writer:User can generate own custom reports.
6 Global Change:Updating the timings or remarks by batch

Mile Stones:

In 1996 Info-Tech has released its first version of Time Attendance Software in to the Singapore market and on Year 2000 we released our Payroll software, E-leave and job costing Software's. Over the past 12 year’s research & analysis experience, customer feed back and customer requirements we keep on enhanced our TMS software. At present TMS 8.0 suits for most of the company’s requirements in terms of generating value added management reports, custom report writer, Audit Trial & different types of Overtime & shift pattern calculation, House keeping, etc…

Info-tech maintains a team of Research & Development software programmers to enhance the TMS software regularly. These updates are regularly available to our customer at free of cost. Our customers are invited to download the updates & new features from our website download section on time to time.

We always welcome to do the customization on our TMS software’s to suit the customers distinct requirements.

Info-Tech has a dedicated team of programmers in INDIA to do the customization jobs. Being the jobs is carried out in INDIA; the cost is cheaper. By knowing Indian programmers quality our dedicated programmers assure to deliver reliable, problem free HR & Payroll software's on time.