Bio Finger 2

Product Name : Biometric System
Model No. : BioFinger-II Biometric Time Recorder.
Usage : Time Attendance, Payroll
Introduction :
BioFinger-II biometric device comes with reliable optical sensor and strong Intel 32bit X-scale CPU. It has  double-engine fingerprint identification arithmetic technology which supports 360 degree rotation identification.

Up to 3 fingers per employee can be registered. while doing attendance the employee can use any on the finger to do clocking.

It takes about one second to verify the employee finger and the Date & time has been registered into the device.

It has optional built-in battery function for mobile usage. Once the reader is fully charged, it can be operated for 2 to 3 hours without connecting to any power source. It has ON / OFF switch to operate the reader.

It is very ideal to the locations where power source is not available or need to use as a mobile device.

Those clocked timing can be download to our Time Attendance & Payroll software's via built-in Network card or RS  232 / 485

If an particular employee all the finger damaged, then that employee can use PIN number for attendance purpose.
Features :
1 Sensor: Reliable Optical sensor
2 Capacity: UP TO 1450 fingerprint Templates
3 Built-in Battery: Can be used for 2-3 hour with battery power. (Optional)
4 One employee can register up to 3 fingers. so if one finger injured can use another one.
5 Built in Ether net card for reliable communication.
6 Audio message and can display the employee name after the verification.
7 Battery backup for internal data storage and internal time clock.
8 Fingerprint / PIN Verification.
9 RS 232 / 485 cabling connection
Specifications :
Type Optical
User Capacity 1450 fingerprints
Transaction Storage 50,000
Verification time 1 ~ 2 seconds
False Accept Rate 0.0001%
False Refuse Rate 0.01%
Hint Voice English
LCD Display English
Dimension (mm) 190W x 140H x 40D
Weight 500gm
Keypad 16 keys (with 4 function keys)
Power Supply 220V AC
Power Consumption < 5W
Operating Temperature 0°c - 45°c
Operating Humidity 25% - 80%