Infopay 8.0 : Payroll Software System




Our Payroll Software designed to suit for all kind of Singapore Payroll requirements. our Payroll software is the window based concurrent multi user access and multi company software with unlimited employee capacity.


Payroll Basic Leave & Staff Master Payroll System House Keeping Payroll Software Reports HR Module
Online CPF PAL Leave Module Concurrent Multi User Pay-slip in Sealed Pay-slip Paper Carrier Progression
Online Bank GIRO Leave Entitlement based on Join Date / Financial Year Different Access levels for different user E-mail Pay-slip Staff Training
IR8A / IR21 FORMS Up to date Leave Prorate as MOM Rule Multi Company Payroll Summary Report Staff Appraisal
IR8A, IR8S, APPENDIX-A online submission Unpaid Leave auto deduct from salary and show in Pay-slip Locking the Payroll Period to protect from other user Year to Date Summary Report Staff Insurance
CDAC / SINDA / MBMF Medical Claim Monitor Backup / Restore Reconciliation / Salary comparison report Staff Accident
Foreign Worker Levy Annual Leave / Medical Leave / Child Care Leave, et... Audit Trial - To monitor changes done by other users. Overtime Summary Report Company Assets Holding
Skill Development Fund National Service Leave & Calculation Work Permit / Birthday Remainder FUND / SDF / FWL Report Staff Bonus Proposal
Monthly / Bi-Monty / Daily / Hourly Pay Employee Bio-Data with PHOTO Confirmation / S.O.C Remainder Allowance / Deduction Report Staff Increment Proposal
Pay by Bank GIRO / Cash / Cheque Children Details   Custom Report Writer  

Payroll Basic:

1 Unlimited employee details, department, section & category settings can be created
2 Employees Photo, personal particulars like address, emergency contact details, foreign address, Bank account details, and EP/WP details can be stored.
3 Monthly, daily and hourly rated employees can be paid monthly or bi monthly.
4 Unlimited user defined allowance can be created & assigned to the employees. And this allowance is subject to CPF/IR8A or not can be set.
5 Loans & Deductions can be set for specified or all the periods.
6 Staff’s salary mode like Bank GIRO / Cash / Cheque can be set.
7 Overtime pay for before increment & after increment can be separately calculated.

Pay Slip:


Pay slip can be printed in the concealed pay slip or A4 size paper.

2 Break up details for Overtime Pay, Allowances, Deductions, MVC (Monthly Variable Component) is shown the pay slip.
3 CPF information is shown in the Pay Slip.
4 Annual Leave & Medical Leave taken for that month and whole year can be shown in the pay slip.

Online Bank GIRO:

1 Employee’s salary information can be submitted to the major banks via BANK GIRO TRANSFER.

Leave Module:

1 Annual Leave, Medical Leave, Unpaid Leave, Maternity Leave, etc can be applied.
2 Leave Eligibility can be set for different group of employees.
3 Annual leave & Medical Leave earned until today will be pro rated automatically.
4 Auto calculate Child care leave eligibility based on the children details as per MOM rules.
5 At end of the year Annual Leaves can be carry forwarded to next year.
6 Leave History & Leave consolidate report to view all kind of leaves taken.


1 CPF calculations for Singaporeans & PR holders can be done automatically based on the latest government rules.
2 CPF can be paid to the CPF Board Monthly or Bi Monthly.
3 On line CPF Submission: CPF details can be submitted to CPF BOARD via CPF PAL or CPF LINE.

IR8A / IR21:

1 IR8A details can be generated at the end of the year. System will automatically include the whole year salary & other information to IR8A forms for all the employees.
2 Before printing, necessary amendments can be made on the IR8A / IR21 Form for individual employee.

Final IR8A / IR21 forms can be printed for submission.

4 IR21 forms can be generated, if an employee resigned in mid of the financial year.
5 Auto Inclusion: Online submission of IR8A, IR8S, APPENDIX A

Fund / Levy:

1 All kinds of funds like CDAC, SINDA, MBMF, ECF, etc can be calculated automatically based on the government rule.
2 Foreign Workers Levy & Skill Development Fund can be calculated as per government norms.

HR Module:

1 Carrier Tracking: Employee’s Increment, Promotions, Department or Designation Changes can be recorded and can be generated as report.
2 Staff Training: Employees past, current & future training records, training cost, cost paid by company & employee, training amount claim from SDF or other agencies and remainders.
3 Staff Insurance: Employee's personal insurance & company group insurance details, commencement & expiry date. Remainder for renewal.
4 Staff Accident: Employees accident details during work or outside of company. It helps to make claim with insurance company
5 Company Assets Holding: Company assets like laptop, office key, hand phone, software materials, etc... System will prompt the remainder while the employee resigns.

Payroll Reports:

1 Pay slip for individual employees can be printed out at the Mid & End of the Month.
2 Payroll Summary report which shows the Basic Salary, Overtime Pay, Shift Allowance, Deductions, Gross Wage, CPF contribution details and Net Wage.
3 Year to date Report – This report show the month by month pay details of an employee. And month by month total expenditure by the company also can be generated.
4 Other reports like CPF return report, Employee details can be generated.
5 All kind of Fund reports like foreign workers levy report, Skill Development Fund Report, CDAC/ MBMF/ SINDA reports can be generated.

6 Audit Trial Report – This report will show the changes done by all the users, so that the master user can view all the changes done.

Payroll Software Utility:

1 Unlimited number of user’s can be created with different access level setting.
2 Employee salary details can be locked. This avoids accidental changes and protect from other user changes.
3 EP / WP Remainder – This option will remain you the expiry date of Employment Pass / Work Permit of workers.
4 Custom Report writer to design and built your own Payroll reports.
5 Locking Facility: Payroll Administrator can lock the particular Payroll month information's to protect from other network users editing.
6 Backup & Restore Functions.