Biometric Door Lock System

Product Name : Biometric Access Control System

Biometric Fingerprint Access Control

Model No.


BIO-ACCESS-I : Biometric Access Control Device



Security Door Access / Time Attendance and Payroll

BIO-ACCESS-I biometric reader is compact and unique in design with high quality optical sensor.

The optical sensor effectively detect fingerprints with scarred cut, swelling and too dry or wet fingers with high speed conversion and classification. The verification can be either 1:N (one to many) or 1:1.

Introduction :

It can be used as a standalone door access reader or can be linked to PC for time zone access setting and to capture the IN & OUT timings for Time Attendance and Payroll purpose.

Up to 3 fingers per employee can be registered. while doing attendance the employee can use any on the finger to do clocking.

It takes about one second to verify the employee finger and the Date & time has been registered into the device.

Those clocked timing can be download to our Time Attendance & Payroll software's via built-in Network card.

Different types of person time zone setting, door zone setting and Door force open & force close can be set easily.



1 Fingerprint and PIN Verification
2 High Quality optical sensor
3 Stores up to 1500 Fingerprint templates.
4 One employee can register up to 3 fingers. so if one finger injured can use another one.
5 Built-in Ethernet card for durable connection
6 Battery backup for internal data storage and internal time clock
7 Audio message and can display the employee name after the verification.
8 50 Time Zone setting, 5 grouping & holiday management.
9 Up to 30,000 transaction log capacity.
10 Supports RS232, RS422 & RS485 connections.
11 Supports 2 languages (English & Chinese)
12 Unique 1:N quick search function.
13 Optional 1:1 verification function



Dimensions (mm) 82(L) x 55(W) x 180(H)mm
Power 9 - 24V DC
Power Consumption Stay current 0.50mA, work Current; 400mA
Verification Speed Less than one second
False Rejection Rate Less than 1%
False Acceptance Rate Less than 0.0001%
Operating Temperature 0°c - 45°c
Operating Humidity 20% - 80%
Hint Voice English / Chinese
LCD Display English / Chinese